101+ Best Men Fairness Cream Brand Names

 So You want to make your Male Customer fairer?Interested to launch a Fairness cream For Men? Finding creative names for the Fairness Cream-Men?


As India is a country known for its diversity, different Fairness brands are used in different parts of the country.Eg. fair and Lovely most popular among the Females, OLAY, NIVEA, NIVIA Etc. Fairness creams has a major market because of the various factors the first of all is demand & need of the product as one who has board of his dark complexion has a solution of it in form of the product.

Rising impact of media and entertainment, weight of society to look very much prepped constantly, mediocrity from associates at working environment, want to attempt new items propelled in the nation, heightening number of youthful populace, and so on are a portion of the elements which drove the market of men’s fairness cream advertise in last a few years and as yet driving.

However, dissents have been done against the interest for more pleasant skin, particularly over social media. Likewise, numerous battles were propelled against bigot advertisements by Fair and exquisite, Fair and Handsome, Garnier, Neutrogena, and so forth. Significance of fairness cream.


How to name a men’s fairness cream

  • The masculinity of men should be conveyed through the name
  • color of skin can be a criterion for naming the brand
  • Healthy Skin should be the priority and also the marketing tactic
  • The name should be unique and concise
  • The name can also show what kind of skin types does it help


Men’s skin is extreme and needs additional from their healthy skin items. On the off chance that you are as yet utilizing the women fairness creams, at that point it’s a great opportunity to get the fairness cream or skin helping creams which are defined for the men’s skin. There are fairness creams for slick skin that are made with fixings which are known to indicated better outcomes on the men’s skin.

While, a great fairness every day cream or serum will make you look much better in the skin surface and appearance, it additionally boosts the certainty. It isn’t so much that just the individuals who are white in skin can be sure. In any case, a man gets certainty when his skin is better looking with a decent surface and tone without any spots on the skin. In the event that you are experiencing pimple marks, at that point certainly perused how you can expel pimple marks.

Fairness cream is a Vital business for the Indian Industry.Its sales id continuously increasing as well importance given by the Indian Customers.The market size for fairness cream in India was estimated to be Rs.800 crore. The market growth rate ranges between 15 – 20% on a year-to-year basis.Similarly some brands are successful in rural areas and tier II cities whereas not in cities and metros

As first of all concept of fairness cream was introduce especially for the ladies basically, it is an impact of socio-cultural environment as preference is given to a fair bride. To find out that is market of fairness cream is limited to females/teenagers in the country or it has an ability to expend.

Now in India fairness creams for men are also available in the market.In today’s market condition competition is very tough & company cant just convince the customer to buy their product .all that a company can do is to just make the consumer aware about the product

India market is considered the biggest market for beauty products specially fairness solution.our high list of endorsement start, both men & women need variety of fairness creams

There are many entrepreneurs are in plan to launching their own fairness cream,so we are adding the list of creative and unique Fairness cream-Men brand names which might be the brands of any entrepreneur.Hope you like all the name.

Creative men Fairness Cream brand Names

  • White Neutry For Men
  • Ignite
  • Forest Flam
  • Youth first
  • White Aqua
  • Real face
  • Otrix
  • Yes For men
  • Tuz fair cream
  • David Laurence
  • Lightex
  • Whiten grow
  • Fairizza
  • Better face
  • Anti-black
  • Biolive
  • White Max
  • SuperNature
  • BOldEnough
  • UrbanFresh
  • Enwise
  • Mavrick
  • AuraFace
  • AdornWhite
  • Belizz
  • WhiteMotive
  • Marlenn
  • Memorra
  • Mezzex
  • UrbanStar
  • Crystenna
  • Amellen
  • FabZing
  • Vibo
  • OnePro
  • YouWhite
  • HeMIst
  • Brozzel
  • VelvaWhite
  • BioBest
  • LovingHe
  • CasaBliss
  • WhiteWave
  • Ever fair
  • Flavin
  • Luxe
  • Fairex
  • True oxy
  • Ample touch
  • AquaQleen
  • White Storm
  • Best
  • Step up
  • White sand
  • Increda
  • Allen Bren
  • NatureFirst
  • BoldMove
  • WhiteBest
  • Enervate
  • White Blink
  • Fair Eye
  • Fair wave
  • White factor
  • Mr.dude
  • Bettertone
  • New arise
  • AntimatterTwenty two


Picking a brand name

Pick an unique and uncommon brand name and you promptly will have conclusions, characteristics, values and so forth appended to it. For instance, what do you believe are the qualities and characteristics of a brand named ‘Pony’ and managing in land area?There are no rigid principles which organizations pursue to pick a brand name, yet there absolutely are a few hacks.

On the off chance that you have to pick an incredible brand name for your item, administration or business, begin by thinking about the significance of the name in your marking endeavors. Your name is an augmentation of your image, and it can strengthen the esteem you give or separation you from it. When you’re building up a name for a business, an item or a service,each industry has got its very own uniqueness and the highlights that they cook.


Factors affecting names of fairness cream

i) Masculinity of men

Men are known for their masculine features , no matter is it their body , its their face or its their behavioural features.So , to  make mark in the industry , to attract more men to buy your product you need to connect with that feeling . the feeling of being strong , the feeling of being hard.

To cater their needs you need to make them realise how can you help them enhance their facial features by your cream . Fairness creams should help them remove sun tan on their skin , it should help them remove scars if any. So a name like ,look handsome , Clean and clear etc will attract them.


ii) color of skin

A usual skin characteristics of men is that it’s harder than a women’s skin and also according to a ideal description of men’s skin in a country like india , is dark so you need to help them achieve them an ideal skin tone . A name like ban tan is something a men can connect to because they stay outside for very long and it affects their skin the most.


iii)Healthy Skin

A fair skin is not always healthy , a healthy skin is one which is blackheads free , which is scar free and which is moisturized. So if you want men to pay attention to your cream , address the common skin issues they face. You can name it – Fair-He, Health and glow cream etc. If you are able to make them realise with the name of cream that you can help them overcome various issues like dry skin , sun tan on face , they will definitely get attracted to your cream.

As in the times like today where face plays such an important part of your personality , you being a fairness cream , needs to give men the confidence of being happy in their own skins. Usually men also get under pressure for marriages where they are judged on their skin tone.

Different Fairness brands are used in different parts of the country. A person with a dark complexion has a solution to it in the form of the product. First of all, fairness cream was introduced especially for the ladies but in India, fairness creams for men are also available in the market. In today’s market condition competition is very tough & companies can’t just convince the customer to buy their product.

All that a company can do is to just make the consumer aware of the product. If you are planning to start your own brand then you must focus on its name. The name must be classy so that a large number of people should be attracted. It must be small and easily remembered. 

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