153 Best Mango Soft Drink Company Names

The Consumption of Soft Drink is increasing rapidly. So Are you going to launch your own Mango Drink? Check the below Creative brand or CompanyNames for it.

The turn over of soft drinks business has been crossed Rs. 50,000 Crore/year in India. India has a population of approx 120 crores. But in a survey, only 17-20% of its population are a user of soft drink in India. There are huge companies and entrepreneurs are in the business of beverages.but the entrepreneurs fail on their initial level.

There are many such things that we should have to concentrate If you do not analyze their market well enough, they do not have any positioning strategy, and they do not have enough financing. It’s important to understand that before starting a beverage company a lot of research and analysis should be done.


How to name a mango drink-

Picking the correct name for your organization is a significant advance inside each brand improvement procedure, as it speaks to the open what your brand eventually relies on. Pick the wrong name and you could close out the potential business before you even get the opportunity to clarify your identity and what you do.

  1. Select a name that is memorable.
  1. Select a name which gives some Visual Vigor
  2. Select a name that gives people the feel of mango and health.
  3. You can select a name that can focus on a breed of mango.
  4. Select a name that gives a sense of purity and authenticity.


The worldwide interest for tropical organic product juices has been expanding for as far back as a couple of years. Sweet-smelling taste of mango is the central point driving the development of mango organic product juice to advertise. Rising well-being concerns and measure of nourishment in organic product squeezes effectively impacted the development of mango juice advertise.

Europe is the real buyer of organic product juices which contains over 20% utilization of mango squeeze in Europe of which over half expended in United Kingdom. Nations in Asia, South America and Africa are the significant maker of mango and real exporters to North America and Europe.


Points to remember while naming Mango Drink-

Picking the correct name for your organization is a significant advance inside each brand improvement procedure, as it speaks to the open what your brand eventually rely on. Pick the wrong name and you could close out potential business before you even get the opportunity to clarify your identity and what you do.

  1. Is your brand name Memorable?

You’ll need to think about articulation, spelling and length as a need when going into the naming period of your brand advancement methodology.

On the off chance that your intended interest group can only with significant effort to articulate your name, it could prompt a branding calamity. Envision your customers going around misspeaking your name. have a more extended name, make sure to design the manner in which you need it abbreviated. Try not to surrender this over to your group of spectators.

  1. Give Some Visual Vigor

Various investigations have recommended that people have a bigger limit with regards to recalling what they see over that which they hear. Adding a visual component to your brand name could up your chances of being reviewed when a buy choice is on the table.

  1. Obviously, Identify

Indeed, even with an appropriately executed brand advancement procedure, your brand won’t become a family unit sensation medium-term. You’ll need to draft a brand name that gives an insight to your intended interest group about what your business really does.

  1. Domain Name

The domain name is a basic component to the achievement of your brand. Your online home has host to a noteworthy impact of your brand improvement methodology and in the event that you don’t catch an area name that fits, you should discard all the conceptualizing you’ve accomplished for the naming game and begin sans preparation.


Attributes to keep in mind for Mango soft drink name-

1.Focuses on health & Authenticity

As this is a food product the company should focus on the health benefits which the juice will give to the consumer. The brand name and the tagline should focus on assuring people that there are no added preservatives in the juice and it’s the mango in its original form.

2.Can focus on breed of mango

In many countries, there are multiple breeds of mango and every person has developed there taste buds for one of them or maybe two three breeds. This brings one thing that for every breed of mango we have divided audience and hence we should focus on which taste bud to focus on and hence it will be an added advantage to the brand if there name can tell people which mango is it made from.

Creative Mango Soft Drink brands naming idea

  • Mad Mango
  • Mangozza
  • MoreFun
  • Mbox
  • livelust
  • delicasto
  • Mango Masti
  • Mango smoothi
  • mango berry
  • Funky alphonso
  • Magic Straw
  • Slice up
  • Mango Rollies
  • Mango beats
  • Ripy mango
  • Lovengo
  • Secret Sip
  • Yellow berry
  • Mango margarita
  • Mango Mojo
  • Mango matter
  • Mango twister
  • Mango Five
  • Kissy Mango
  • sizzle
  • Yellow lovely
  • Mango Bubbely
  • JoySip
  • Veteur
  • Mango Spirit
  • oregami
  • Smash
  • White mango
  • Mystic
  • Ale
  • Yellow Drop
  • Mangomotto
  • Brew Crush
  • Bloom
  • Mango gree
  • Vivago
  • Tronico
  • Nitto
  • Mun Mun
  • FazliFun
  • Habanero
  • Munchy Mangola
  • SayMore
  • MangoRush
  • MangoLust
  • Mangozza
  • GreatTaste
  • YourMango
  • liked
  •  MongoDale
  • FabuSip
  • MOnte
  • Leysot
  • PentaFizz
  • TastyDrop
  • Aam Master
  • Real Taste
  • MadMango
  • MangoCharm
  • CrazyWave
  • Alpex
  • Bling Baby
  • Elhifon
  • Rockin
  • MangoDash
  • StarPop
  • DewSpice
  • SpellWish
  • Amella
  • YourKind
  • MangoShade
  • Mango Mojito
  • Mango tango
  • Spritz
  • Frappella
  • Brie
  • Merry Mango
  • Aam Panna
I think like me, Are you tired of drinking the same old soft drink flavors? It’s easy to develop your own flavors and mix up a batch for yourself and your friends.There are many of creative and unique articles on the internet to mix different contents and enjoy the mango Drinks.

Mango is one of the fruits which is loved by everyone. While you plan to start a business related to mango, you must remember that authenticity matters, and people know the taste of the fruit. While jumping into this domain do a thorough survey of the competition around you and then make a marketing plan for your product. The marketing depends on what logo and the name you select for your product and these will be the shining stars in your journey of success.

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