136+ Best Panipuri/Golgappa Shop names idea

Women Love the Panipuri more than her Husband!!! Its have Rocket Growth.

Are you going to be a Panipuri Shop Owner?

PaniPuri is one of the famous food In Asian Countries and Foodie loves it so much in India, especially Indian Woman. All are crazy and often visit this shop for some yummy taste. The Consumption of this street food is increasing like No way.

“This business is growing very fast in terms of Sales. There Is No Brand In this Business,so you have to start today and get your chances to be rank top.profit behind this business is motivation for all.In Every Indian City,if you observe,you may see every Panipuriwalas Earn On average 500-1000 INR by selling panipuris on a Street Stall.”

Panipuri business something which can gain profit only in a country like India and its neighboring countries due to its very flavour. People here are fan of street foods and amongst that Pani puri is their favourite. This business have been in existence since really really long time.

The naming of Panipuri or Puchka brand-

  • The name of the shop should be simple and Short.
  • It has to be easily Pronounceable so that you get word of the mouth marketing.
  • The name must suggest what the shop is about.
  • The name has to be distinct from all other players in the market.
  • The name can identify with the proprietor 

The customer base of this food is having no attributes like age , gender or class of people because no matter if the person is rich, poor, men , women, young or old, everybody enjoys eating this street food full of flavor. This one dish is known with different names in different cities like puchka, pani puri, pani batashe, golgappe etc etc.So while naming a panipuri business they can use these different names of this dish.

The naming of Panipuri or Puchhka brand-

(I) Simple and Short: 

A brand name ought to be straightforward and short so that there is no complexity or peculiarity identified with its name. Longer names are not effectively critical and consequently even in the wake of utilizing the item individuals will in general overlook the name of the brand. 

(ii) Easily Pronounceable: 

A brand name ought to be effectively pronounceable. At the point when the name of the item is effectively pronounceable , individuals can do self showcasing for you and simple to then spread expression of the mouth.For precedent, TATA, BATA, FIFTY-FIFTY and so on. 

(iii) Suggestive: 

Brand name ought to act naturally illustrative in this way proposing the intrinsic nature of the item. When naming your brand you ought to dependably remember that the name should give individuals a chance to get the visual feel of what it is about. So on the off chance that we name a business, mother dairy .It is a notable that is it a milk brand. 

(iv) Distinctive: 

A brand should be distinctive to the point that it features itself in the gathering of other brand names. Apart from the above highlights, the choice of expressions of the brand name ought not to pass on any negative and befuddling importance in various dialects. 

A creative brand name is a basic thing for any company’s brand. You can find here Creative Golgappa/Panipuri/puchka/chat shop name ideas for your business.While your business may be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name can attract more attention. Cool names are remembered easily, while names that describe what your company does sound like all the rest.

The list of creative Panipuri Shop naming idea

  • Chatori
  • Tasty Puchka
  • Gup Chhup
  • Chatpatte
  • Meri wali pakodi
  • Crunchy water balls
  • Red Mirchi Panipuri
  • Sangam Puchhka
  • Go Golgappa
  • Tangy Chatwala
  • Hangout Puchkas
  • Tiny water balls
  • Spot on Panipuri
  • One by Two chat
  • Chatpatta Chatwala
  • Khatta Meetha khwab
  • satrangi
  • GolGrab
  • Royal Bomb
  • 99 Tasty
  • Super City
  • Gup Chhup
  • Tasty Patashe
  • Biteful
  • Tasty Enough
  • Puchhka TImes
  • Round Pie
  • Tasty Side
  • College Corner
  • Crispy & Tasty
  • Pucchka Loven
  • Indiana Classy
  • FoodFest
  • Puchhka Plan
  • Street Surprise
  • Indori Bowl
  • Mac Puchhka
  • Yum Yum yummy
  • True Tasty
  • Pani puri Walks
  • Jumbo Fest
  • Flemby
  • Zoop Zoop
  • Taste UP
  • Khatta meetha Place
  • USP chaat
  • Mint leave ‘s Pakodi
  • Top Tikki Center
  • ChatMahal
  • Food Castle
  • Chatkar Chat
  • Chatkaz
  • Famous Chatwala
  • Streety Masala pakodi
  • Cham Cham Tastier
  • Haribhari Puchka
  • Foody Flavoured Chat
  • Trupt Batashe
  • Single Water balls
  • Bigbite Gol gappa
  • Love flavoured pakodi
  • Love bite Chatwala
  • Nandan Puchhkawala
  • watershot
  • Enjoy palace
  • Minty Chatwala
  • DIP Dip water balls


Traits for a pani puri business- 

  1. Let individuals identify with their taste 

Panipuri is a dish with flavors in it and that is the dish’s specialty. So while naming the business, the proprietor can consider manners by which the client can get the vibe of the taste. It can khatta-meetha. The dish is broadly renowned for its acrid taste however these days there are a lot more flavors which have come in presence so if the business works in that they can name in like manner. 

2) The name can identify with the proprietor 

As the presence of this business is since long time, it is conceivable situation where this is a family claimed business and popular here. So while naming individuals can relate the name to their families and their long history identified with this yummy road nourishment. 

3) Unique name 

This is a significant factor that while naming ought to be remembered. Since each area has various panipuri merchant, So to keep up a one of a kind personality the name is the primary thing which individuals recall about you. While naming dependably complete a careful review of the territory where you are beginning your business and after that name.

Pani puri is known by several names across the nation and this is one street food that is loved by everyone males, females kids. Nowadays it has started coming in various flavors and is also customized. So if you want to start a business of pani puri there is no bad time for it. This business requires very little investment and just requires taste and health guarantee. You must start with branding your franchise in the best possible way and it should start with a name.

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