Brand Names Hot and Cold Tea Brand Names Idea

Hot and Cold Tea Brand Names Idea

This what the tea mixture into the life of Indian. There are billions of tea brands in India.Its highly segmented through its quality, price, place, and method of processing. Here are some Catchy and Creative Tea Brand names ideas


Hot and Cold Tea Brand Names Idea

This what the tea mixture into the life of Indian. There are billions of tea brands in India.Its highly segmented through its quality, price, place, and method of processing. Here are some Catchy and Creative Tea Brand names ideas

Tea isn’t just tea in India yet it resembles a staple refreshment here and multi day without it is outlandish and deficient. Indians lean toward their some tea on the grounds that for them it goes about as a vitality promoter and is basically imperative. This mainstream drink has a great deal of medical advantages too as its cell reinforcements help to dispense with poisons and free radicals from the blood.

Initially tea is indigenous toward the Eastern and Northern pieces of India, yet the tea business has extended and become immensely throughout the years, making India the biggest cultivator and maker of tea on the planet. The tea generation in India was 979,000 tons starting at 2009. Regarding utilization, fare and creation of tea, India is the world head. It represents 31% of the worldwide creation of tea. India has held its authority over the tea business throughout the previous 150 years. The all out turnover of this industry is generally Rs.10, 000 crores. Since 1947, the tea creation in India has expanded by 250% and the land are utilized for generation has expanded by 40%.


Topographical areas and tea cultivation

The three conspicuous tea-developing districts in India are Darjeeling, Assam and Nilgiri. While Darjeeling and Assam are situated in the Northeast districts, Nilgiri is a piece of the southern locale of the nation.

Tea generation is driven by Assam (307.08 thousand hectares), West Bengal (140.44 thousand hectares), Tamil Nadu (69.62 thousand hectares) and Kerala (35.01 thousand hectares). As per gauges, the tea business is India’s second biggest boss. It utilizes over 3.5 million individuals over somewhere in the range of 1,686 bequests and 157,504 little possessions; the majority of them ladies.

There is a wide assortment of tea offered by India; from Green Tea to CTC (squash, tear and twist) tea to the sweet-smelling Darjeeling tea and the solid Assamese tea, the scope of tea accessible in India is unparalleled.

India’s all out fare of tea in 2017-18 was worth US $784.97 Million. The top fare showcases in volume terms for 2017-18 were Russian Federation (48.1 million kg), Iran (31.19 million kg) and UAE (21.63 million kg). As far as esteem, the top fare markets were Iran (US $126.4 million), Russian Federation (US $120.8 million) and UAE (US $61.2 million).


Production and Trade

Tea is created in both tropical and mild zones. Since it develops at high heights, it regularly does not rival sustenance or other money crops. Asia represents around seventy five percent of worldwide generation, Africa for a large portion of the rest of, a few Middle Eastern and Latin American nations for the rest. Amid 2002– 2005 China and India delivered the greater part of the world’s tea (26 and 27 percent, separately), trailed by Sri Lanka (10 percent) and Kenya (9 percent). Worldwide tea generation amid this period was 3.25 million tons.

Tea is delivered by the two smallholders and domains. Tea homes are possessed by extensive organizations creating substantial amounts of tea, ordinarily surpassing 1,000 tons of made tea (in some cases as much as 10,000 tons). Tea homes utilize both perpetual and regular workers. Frequently, the lasting workers live in living quarters inside the domain and get different advantages, for example, fundamental human services and tutoring for their kids. The conditions for work on tea homes are viewed as exceptionally great, and changeless specialists are frequently viewed as “favored” contrasted with their occasional partners.


Market Overview

India verifies top position in the creation of tea after China. Tea found in India is classified into 3 types to be specific Assam tea (most noteworthy development), Darjeeling tea (Superior quality tea) and Nilgiri tea (unpretentious and delicate flavors). India is biggest maker and significant customer of tea. Of the all out creation, India represents 3/fourth local utilization of tea. In 2016, India created 1,267.36 million kg of tea, all being accessible for bundling in either shapes. India likewise sends out tea and in 2017 the all out tea trades expanded by 6.3%. Significant tea bringing in nations in 2017 were Russia, United States, United Kingdom, Egypt, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Germany, Morocco, Japan, France, UAE, Canada, Vietnam, Netherlands, and Kazakhstan. The developing interest for tea for its fragrance and quality is significantly driving the India tea industry. Significant tea creation locales, Assam and Darjeeling, are experiencing through the outskirt stress that contrarily impacts the tea business.

One of the oldest beverages, Tea(Cha) is a highly and widely consumed beverages in the World.Its consumption is Second after Water. It’s available almost every corner of the world.there are many ways of the pouring it.but most common ways are pouring with hot and cold water and with milk.Tea has aromatic, cooling, Slightly Bitter and an astringent flavor.Due to its natural component, used highly by the health conscious people.

“I talked and tried many small business owners to understand them that branding is essential to their business, but a surprisingly high number of them don’t really know why. Defining any brand is like a journey of business self-discovery.

Here are some articles that you should have to read before searching a name for your business.

 The key to successful branding is building an identity. Now that you’ve recognized your target audience, the defining who you are. Apart from choosing a name for your Tea business, slogan or tagline used for your brand is attract more eyes. A good Tea logo design displays the overall essence of the business. Branding and packaging are two of the most effective ways to do this. Once a brand has been determined, methods are employed to sell the product.Many Marketer use jingles in their campaigns. After hearing a jingle several times as part of a marketing campaign, consumers will often create their own repetition, humming the tune or singing the words in their head

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As we know that India is the second highest producer of the Tea.and  most of the tea is being consumed by the Indian. Tea is a part of the Indian house, Where people serves the tea to their guests.Tea we can say that its official drink of India.Due to increase in the practice of the Ayurveda , many other herbs will transform the tea into the healing medicine. Indian have long utilization of the most commonly used herbs and spices Like tulsi, cardamom, mint, and pepper etc.New introductions are being increasingly witnesses amongst various brands and notably by Twinning’s green tea variants, such as Green Tea and Mint, Green Tea and Lemon, Elaichi, and Green Tea Jasmine.

Tea serving has many variations which depend on the regional and cultural segmentation.Most of the Indian drink the Milk tea.If we go to North India then they sip Masala Chai and kadak Chai.This kadak word means its very strongly brewed and little bit bitter than other.Another form of serving is “Malai Mar ke Chai” means the full fat of the cream spooned into the cup of the tea.

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This what the tea mixture into the life of Indian. There are billions of tea brands in India.Its highly segmented through its quality, price, place, and method of processing.If we calculate the packaged tea market then its more than 10000 crores.Packet tea market is extremely penetrated with multiple brands with more than 300 brands in the country, dominated by HUL and Tata tea which have a deep presence in both urban and rural market, across pack and variants and hence together accounts for 30-40% of the total market in the packaged tea segment.

“Due to PM Narendra modi was a tea vendor, “Namo Tea” is one of the buzzing and Famous word used in the political talks in India”

Here are some tea Brand names suggestions 

Assam Love,
New Darziling,
Shanti Tea,
Heaven Sparsh,
Go and Sip,
Tea Turban,
OOty house,
Take a Sip,
Apunno ,
Bongai Tea,
Beke Tea,
Cozy tea ,
Lady in London
Black Beauty Tea
Superia Sip
3 Friends Tea
A Ching,
Tea and Chai,
Rose and Lotus Tea,
The Taste Heaven
Native young
April Fresh
Morning Wave
Golden Ray
Urban East
Urban Rare
Street Sip,
Velvet Tea,
Love Town,
Cup O tea,
Matki Tea,
Pink scene tea,
Brew Splash,
Que ,
Black Bubble,
Fancy Tea,
Pop Tea,
Dew Tea,
Blissy ,
Whistling Sip,
My Cup,
Brew Crew,
Cup o Tea,
Froo Tea,
Hoo and Coo,
Ginger fizz,
Bubble Blitz,
Sipping Sparkle,
Close to nature Tea,
Clique Tea,
Miss Teana,
Saral Tea,
Brew Burst,
Koco Dots,
A Cuppa-Tea
Bond Tea,
Refresh Sip,

This is the main three Mantras are here will help every brand to be popular. In the rural sector, brands are usually identified by color or by a name which can be pronounced easily. So whatever name you select it should

  • It should be graphically memorable
  • It should have a unique identity
  • The brand name should be easy to pronounce


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