Consumers-Blog Post To Brand Purchase

Currently,Blogging is Become most Influencer Medium then any other.Millions of Blogger posting on Different different Topics.There are several Important things which is Important ans should be well managed because if you consider that Post then It will lead the Customer to Regular Customer.You can Definitely get the right sum of the Visitors on your Blog,But It should be acquire the More Profits.High Quality  and Sponsored Blog post and the Social Media Content are representing the future of marketing and Public relations.But  the Big Question is 

Can the  Blog Post Drive the Brand Purchase or Product Purchase?
Let’s Learn From the Following Inforgraphics.

  • 1)Earning Trust among Readers:-
    • This is the First Rule of online Marketing because Without Trust,Customers will not buy or recommend the Products or Services .
      • Like Giant Online stores Amazon and Flipkart earning the Trust through its Advertisement.       
        “Flipkart Matlab Bilkul Pakka”

    •               The Blog post Should be High Quality           Content,Authantic,Personable,Engaging Information and having the relatable information.All are the Factors are playing Crucial role in the behaviour of the Customers.It will Impact  on the Perception of the Customers.through this The Customer will lead to buy something or recommend anything.

           “86%Readers talk to others offline about Blog Topics”

  • 2)  Start Your Research
    • The Authenticity of your Blog post will impact on the decision of the brand Purchase.When you write any topic on the specific things then you readers gather that Information and share among the friends and family.You should have to Confirm that your Data is Correct and reliable .You are the Bridge between the brand and customer.Readers who rely on your information are also share onto the different Social Your research  on Post become the Crucial.Like While buying a Smart phone .readers rely on the information which was provided on the different Blog posts and that Blog post Indirectly generate the Purchases.
               “90% of Readers sharing on Social media After reading Your Blog post “

  • 3)Start Discussing product and Services.
    • Now a Days Online stores are selling huge products.they doing their business in Millions.many People have started buying the Products Online instead of physical Stores.Readers are much more likely to Purchase that they heard on any Blog.

            “55% of Blog readers Said they often Search for Advice about Products and Services.”

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