3 Reasons Behind Mahindra Gusto Scooter Success

Brand: Mahindra Gusto
Company:-Mahindra Two wheeler
Tagline: #Kisi ke kam nahi
Category:- Two wheeler Scooter

According to last year’s data, close to 90% of the automatic scooter market in India is accounted for by 110cc scooters with major players like Honda, Hero, and TVS . Among this all Company TVS going to grab big share from it. Now , Mahindra enter with something new .

Before sometimes, Mahindra launched its the two new products in two-wheeler Category.i.e.Mahindra Gusto and Mahindra Centuro.

No doubts its launched with new and latest features .this type of features are only available in Cars,but Mahindra did it in scooter.

The Mahindra Gusto is an entirely new product. The platform, the engine, the brakes and bodywork are all brand new .There is no any components have been taken off another scooter’s production line.

The Mahindra Gusto is comes with unique features like  remote key, height adjustable seat, LED pilot lamps and  Find lamps. Usually, car owners look down upon two wheeler riders. May be this compelled Mahindra to position its brand Gusto on this theme of car-like features.But the differentiate is limited.Any player an copy easily.

Gusto was initially launched with tagline ” Break Free” and was positioned as a fun scooter. Now the brand has adopted the tagline ” #KisiSeKamNahi”.and Mahindra Centuro is launched with tagline #Its great to be me.

They are positioning this two brands as These are different then others.

With this promoting efforts the mahindra wants to grab the some position of the scooter market share.As I have taken suggestion from the existing customers of this bike.Most of the person are not satisfy with this scooter.The reason behind this dislikes is Average,Indian are really more concentrated regarding  fuel consumption of any vehicle. Mahindra is not able to prove its brands.

Mahindra’s scooters are make up their image in terms of comfortable Riding experience,new features and somewhat prices.

After all this How and Wow,Mahindra still have a lot to prove in terms of credibility,ridiability,Reliability and economy.

Watch Its TVC here:-

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