Google’s “Smart Spoon “

 A Google is spending a huge amount in researching and developing the Products.Google is literally making those products that have significant use in the day to day life.Its products help to make our life easy.Today’s article is on “Spoon”.Yes, Google also concentrates on the People who facing a problem of tremors while eating.people who are now able to eat independently with his device.

Its Helps you to Eat Confidently.Its Liftware for you from Google.

Liftware is a stabilizing handle and a selection of attachments that include a soup spoon, everyday spoon, and fork. Liftware is specially designed to improve the lives of those with Essential Tremor, Parkinson’s Disease, or other motion disorders.With Liftware’s stabilizing technology, your utensil will shake an average of 70% less than your hand, so you can worry less about spilling and focus on enjoying your meal.

Liftware includes two parts: a stabilizing handle and a utensil attachment. Liftware automatically turns on (and stays on) the moment both parts are connected. Place Liftware face down to put it to sleep temporarily.

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