Inspire Innovative Future Of Airplanes "Windowless Planes"

Future Of Airplanes “Windowless Planes”


Future Of Airplanes “Windowless Planes”

Future Of Air planes-See the Sky in The panoramic View

Imagine a cabin where the windows are display screens, relaying a choice of views from around the aircraft. If you’re not sitting in a window seat, your large seat-back display becomes your window on the world as well as a source of entertainment.

The Center for Process Innovation, a British technology research company, thinks they’ve got the next big step in aviation transportation figured out. They want to remove the windows from passenger planes and replace them with OLED touch-screens that extend along the plane’s entire length and display the view from outside through cameras mounted on the plane’s exterior.
Supplement this with subtle cabin lighting from gently glowing walls and you create a unique travel environment. Screens that are ultra thin, very light and highly flexible are integrated with the fuselage or the seat backs with no unsightly, clumsy or heavy housings.

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