Marketing "Desi Logo Version" Of Famous Brands of the World...

“Desi Logo Version” Of Famous Brands of the World (Pics)


Marketing "Desi Logo Version" Of Famous Brands of the World (Pics)

“Desi Logo Version” Of Famous Brands of the World (Pics)

The Logo is the basic thing for all business.If your logo is not up to the mark then you are missing your business. Companies spending a huge amount to be creative and get higher awareness.The logo has a power to make or break the brand.Its contains the values, devotion, and togetherness.

There are different stories behind every logos.Like the recently updated TVS TYRE logo ,added: “The Eagle” represent the speed, superior grip, and Power.When you see the logo of BMW then you definitely think about a smooth and rich Automobile.

But today we are presenting the Cool desi logos of world’s top brands.It’s well designed by the “WOWMakers” a designed agency from Kochi. When you see the following logos then you will be surprised that they all originated from India.

Crow studio came up with the Contest for the creative designer.They are asking an interesting question to their super talented designer community: what will happen if some of the biggest global brands were born in India?! Give a “desi” flavor to famous international brands and submit those “desi logos” to this contest.

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