AMPY -Get energy from body Motions

AMPY captures energy from your motion and turns it into power to charge your USB devices.

Wear AMPY wherever you want! An up and down motion works best to maximize energy production. Use the accessories to strap AMPY below your knee for cycling, on your arm or leg while running, or clipped to waist when you walk. Go ahead and experiment. We’ve seen some pretty creative uses of AMPY to generate power.

Use AMPY to charge any device that has a USB 2.0, USB 3.0 or micro-USB port, including all smartphones and most wearable devices.
AMPY comes pre charged. You can charge your phone (or other USB device) on the go while moving with AMPY, or plug it in later and recharge when you get a break.

You can check the Power stat on the Mobile App also.