15 Really Funny and Worst logos Fails ever

A good logo is a need for all business.It’s really effective tool for the marketing as it should communicate the essence of firm.The number one rule for a logo should be grabbing the audience’s attention, but as we’ll see in this article graphic designers are sometimes respecting this rule in the wrong way.Its really must for everyone to hire a professional Designer.

We have collected a really worst logo collection. it is a top 15 list of the worst logo fails ever in graphic design history, .Whatever the cause, these 15 masterpieces will bring a smile to your face and you’ll end up asking the same question we all do – what the hell were they thinking?

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2 thoughts on “15 Really Funny and Worst logos Fails ever”

  1. (1) Some companies operate by the abbreviated names. ITC Ltd is current name, after India Tobacco Ltd (the name before that was Imperial Tobacco Limited) decided to diversify in to hotel industry.

    HSBC evolved from Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, and HSBC Ltd is the official name.

    (2) Some companies still is registered by the long name, but uses the abbreviated form informally. Steel Authority of India Limited (not SAIL Ltd) is still the official name.

    (3) WIPRO was known before as Western India Palm efined Oil Limited (source Wikipedia), not Western India Products.

    (4) WWF stands for World Wildlife Fund (source: WWF website), not World Wide Fund for Nature.

    (5) It is Cable(not Cabel) News Netork

    Overall, your compilation is good.


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