Marketing 10 Most-Viewed Ads in 2014 Year End on Youtube

10 Most-Viewed Ads in 2014 Year End on Youtube


10 Most-Viewed Ads in 2014 Year End on Youtube

  YouTube just compiled a list of the most popular you tube  ads of November 2014.The first among this ads is “British Columbia”Drogba Vs Messi”.The holiday season arrives with ads from UK retailers Sainsbury and John Lewis, each stirring emotion with very different perspectives. Go-Pro and BC Tourism explore both sides of the Pacific with eye-popping visual epics. Turkish Airways’ stars eat the world and Burberry brings a little celebrity song & dance. McDonalds traces the development of a popular menu item, and introduces technology to protect another. Finally, Canon shares DIY advice and Foot Locker some misplaced excitement.





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