Top 50 most innovative companies: Boston Consulting Group

Can India be Global leader?

In the 20th century entire world considered  Russia,USA, Japan and some of the European countries As the global leaders. But now two countries are going to add in the 21st century from Asia emerged that is India and China. But the question is India can be a global leader? 

We got  stable and one party ruling government after 30 years.The Prime minister of  India Mr. Narendra Modi also won on the basis of development and corruption factors.Currently we have seen that India getting the positive response from  the many countries toward india on economic condition.India has developed strong institutional capabilities that will benefit the world community.Many Global Companies are entering india and expanding there business in India. India is engaged with various countries for their infrastructure development, capacity building, and socio economic development.

21st century belongs to the country leading in food production and having large work force and India has both the above factor.NO doubt  India’s food production is increasing year by year and feed the world. India has one of the largest work forces of the world.
IT outsourcing created the industry in India which was the sunshine sector in the decade of 1990s. Although it created a unique positioning for us and put us on the map of the global business.Many others sectors  of india are also creat a distinct image on global persepective.we are entering a very exciting phase where a lot of new business will scale up or be built to cater new emerging sectors and markets.

BCG’s Top 50 innovative companies 2014

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a global management consulting firm and the world’s leading advisor on business strategy.The Boston Consulting Group’s (BCG) survey of most innovative companies in 2014,While technology and telecommunications companies once again top.

BCG has surveyed more than 1,500 senior executives in a wide range of countries and industries since 2004 to help cast light on the state of innovation in global business.

Technology giant Apple topped the chart, followed byGoogleSamsungMicrosoft and IBM as the most innovative companies globally .

Big Country,but No Single own researched product or technology!

India is currently busy in celebrating unity days etc.But during that time BCG release the report on innovation and research.they have released report that contains list of  50 companies of world.we are obsessed with the population but not in the way of innovation.Foreign companies  are spending the huge amount for innovation that makes life ease.

India has the biggest market of auto mobile,Medical,Pharma,Food chain,Garment,Electronics,Online retail chain,Petro-chemicals,soft drinks,hardware,software etc. In the life we feel happiness,patience,and long term existence and ease of life due to research and innovation.this innovation makes us ease life.
Unluckily India is using all this products.but India is not efforting toward ease the life  of mankind. we are importing technology from the world.India is constantly importing new research from the other developed countries.
In  the recent BCG’s survey ,software services exporter Tata Consultancy Services (TCS)  is the only Indian company to have made it to the list.stand at 43 rank.
if we compare population and the innovation then we are really very much behind on global persepective.we have to made useful efforts to bring india on the reputational stage.and stand  against the competition with many global companies.

Following are the list of top 50 companies 2014

  1. Apple
  2. google
  3. samsung
  4. microsoft
  5. IBM
  6. amazon
  7. telsa motors
  8. toyota motors
  9. facebook
  10. sony
  11. hp
  12. general electric
  13. intel
  14. sisco systems
  15. siemens
  16. cocacola
  17. lg
  18. bmw
  19. ford motors
  20. dell
  21. wolkswagon
  22. 3m
  23. lenovo
  24. nike
  25. deimler
  26. general  motors
  27. shell
  28. audi
  29. phillips
  30. softbank
  31. PG
  32. fiat
  33. airbus
  34. boeng
  35. xiomi
  36. yshoo
  37. hitachi
  38. mcDonalds
  39. oracle
  40. salesforce
  41. fast retailing
  42. walmart
  43. tcs
  44. nessell
  45. bayer
  46. starbucks
  47. tencent
  48. basf
  49. unilever
  50. huawei


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