Brands Brand News"Bas bajna Chahiye gaana"“Bas bajna Chahiye gaana”


Brands Brand News"Bas bajna Chahiye gaana"“Bas bajna Chahiye gaana” came up with new gaana campaign. is a commercial music streaming service provider. It was Launched in 2010 by Indiatimes. provides both Indian and international music content and music  from 21 regional languages.Its also available in all app platform.

As its celebrating the spirit of music ,so they came up with new campaign for there brand promotion.Life is full of moments and connecting all those moments is Music.

The campaign is titled with “Bas bajna Chahiye gaana”.Its really great song  to listen and sing ,composed by Amit Trivedi.
The video of this campaign launched on YouTube. Its already marked the million views on you tube.People loves this TVC. After it was run across TV,Print,Outdoor,Radio and many other media.

Check and listen its Tvc here!

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