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Today,We are facing many dangerous problems like global warming,tsunami,earthquake etc. we know that this type of calamities occur due to many reasons,decreasing the forest area also one of the reason and its affect badly.Paper is made from trees.paper is the essential for every business ,every home.Its truth that  the use and wastage of paper is blasting.and due to that green covers are decreasing.The environment is becoming a key focus area in business today and many firms and NGO are proud to do a little bit in saving environment from crisis by trading in waste paper industry.

Many small persons are collecting the waste paper and sending it to the recycling and earning that the unique firm from gujarat doing this activity as better then no others did.that is

Pastiwala lets you breathe in the fresh air. And yes, quite literally so! Pastiwala is the first ever organized waste paper collector in India. A CRISIL recognized and rated organization, it is located in the city of Vadodara in Gujarat. It is the thought provoking leadership of Mr. Paresh Parekh that this inspiring project took off in the year 2010.

Over the past 3 years, many people have opted for the Pastiwala way of waste paper disposal. Slowly directing the waste paper generated in the country towards the recycle process. In this way, contributing to hand over a sustainable earth to the future generations.

Pastiwala take doable steps, by collecting paper from both industries and households, recycling it and bringing it back into use. Instead of cutting more trees for paper, why not help conserve the greens?
Pastiwala has helped save 3,40,000 trees per year, which makes it 10,20,000 trees saved in the last three years.

Howmany pastiwalas?
The Pastiwala team comprises of contributors who share the company ideology, and work towards it. There are 25 three wheelers, 10 four wheelers Tata Ace, 20 big trucks (as part of Sort India Transport) that support the tasks.

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