No Ullu Banaying-TVC

Creative Agency:-Lowe Lintas and Partners

IDEA Cellular’s brand ambassador, Abhishek Bachchan is now Making News!.Idea Cellular has launched a “NO ULLU BANAYING” campaign  to highlight its pan India mobile internet services.The Ad has been executed well.This TVC is going really popular.It will impact the People of India to be wise.
The TVCs show various instances in India where people try to lie or conceal facts to mislead others.
The TVC covered may people who conceal fact or mislead   like
Politician,Tourist Guide,Rickshaw Driver,Musician,WhatsApp Jokes, At that Time The Person states that”“koi bhi kisi ko ullu bana sakta hai. Bechaaron ko koi idea hi nahi hai.” Bachchan replied and  says, ‘Idea is there,” and points towards the rally.
By checking the truth on internet People Said them” no ullu banaying”

If You are aware about Idea advertisements right from the launch, You could notice the fact that Idea always targets people with a general, powerful, social message OR social work..  Like  ”Save Paper, Use Mobile” Campaign !

They made a New Contest to Get the Ullu Banaying Experience.People sharing their no ullu banaying experiences.
listen this Ullu mat Bano Song

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