Catch Miniz From DS Group

FMCG firm DS Group has expanded its product portfolio with the launch of a range of seasoning sand flavored salts under its Catch brand.

Catch announce its entrance into the world of international flavours with the launch of ‘Catch Miniz’. The company is enhancing its product basket, by adding an international range of seasonings and flavoured salts developed with recipes sourced from across the world. Catch ‘Miniz’ is a premium product offering in portable and user friendly packaging which can be used at home, outside and during travel. ‘Catch Miniz’ is available in an assorted pack of 9 in 1 with a recipe booklet and is priced at Rs. 200.

Speaking on the occasion, OP Khanduja, Associate Business Head, DS Limited said, “With changing times, people have busier lifestyles, they travel frequently, and more and more people are developing a taste for international cuisines. The contemporary products like Catch ‘Miniz’ focus on attributes like personalisation and mobility. This is the first of its kind package available in the Indian market and our product variation is in line with explicit customer requirement, to cater to their tastes and modern day lifestyle needs; and expansion of our existing product portfolio, which is focused on convenience, health, and taste. Through this expansion we are targeting to be a part of the fast growing market of premium international seasonings and spices.The product is available in retail stores across the country.”


The pack comes in an innovative compact packaging and offers the luxury to customize your food in accordance to your taste.

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