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21st Century Marketing


21st Century Marketing

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This Century is quite different than beginning.This 21st Century is really become more fashionable.Businesses are operating in globalizes market.Many new untapped markets are tapped by different companies.Small Country’s Business are crossing their border and moving to another market.The Business are moving at nanosecond pace.There are many changes occurs  that affects the whole business pattern.The Early Economy is quit simple .

The Businesses are focused on the economies of scale to expand their market.Today marketers have more choice in terms of communication,Media opportunity and support.Now a day’s Consumers have more power and it’s become really king of Business.

Digital Revolution:-
In 21st Century the digital revolution is main factors to change the pattern of business. More and More business are become more digital.Many companies have start their digital opertaion to differentiate from others.Many companies selling their products online.By this customers get more product availibility with ease of effort and economically.

Increase in Buying Power
In real consumers are become more informative about products.They have more power means just a click away to get all information about all competitors.They check all the product attributes and price.On You can compare policy on all companies.By these types of effort customers saves maximum money on it.

More Consumer Choice.
Today all the companies facing high level of competition.Small companies are expanding their business to regional,National and international also.There is everywhere competitions with every products.Those players Runs who finds the need and satisfy the customer.otherwise customer get out it.

Social Media
The social media is trending now.People are spending their time on social sites.On socila sites they get the views of their friends on different products. word of mouth is an important factor.Now all the companies also put their products on social media to get more likes from their  customers.

24*7 business
Today’s buyers are become technology they can place order from home,office,by Phone,By app,online, Companies starts their operation to 24 hours a day and 7 days in week.The comapny deliver their products to their customers home and office.

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