Now, Jobs are just a phone call away

Imagine how being able to search and apply for jobs over mobile phones could transform the job search.

India is home to roughly 370 million blue-collar workers, many of them residents of rural areas where poverty rates are high, literacy rates are low, and technology isn’t readily available. These workers don’t belong to a database or career connect website that informs them of job opportunities.  Information is extremely patchy and limited, impeding the market’s ability to balance labor supply with demand.

Saral Rozgar is direct to customer service, intended towards creating a job market for blue collared “job seekers” and “job providers”. This low-cost service is easily accessible on voice (IVR) as well as web and caters to all the players of this ecosystem, namely, job seekers, business enterprises acting as job providers and employment agencies. The service accommodates a wide range of workers, ranging from skilled and unskilled industrial workers,to domestic workers and part-time handymen workers.Blue-collar workers may not have access to the internet or be fully literate, but most of them do have mobile phones. Saral Rozgar, an innovative venture by CanvasM, is a VAS (Value Added Service) platform that directly connects job seekers with potential employers via SMS, voice, or the Web. The system neatly removes the two biggest hurdles in the job search process—literacy and accessibility.

call number saral rozgar

How it works

To join the system, candidates register through a simple phone call. Web registration is also available for those with web-enabled phones or internet access.
Employers can register and post a job by voice or Web. After a job is posted, employers receive a list of matching candidates through their mobile phones; they use this list to send an alert to job seekers they are interested in. This way, employers in even the most remote areas can post jobs and review candidates at any time.

The concept was recognized with an award for “Excellence in Innovation with Rural Telecom Focus” at the 5th National Telecom Awards 2011 on May 17.

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