Brands Brand News Cinthol-Alive is Awesome

Cinthol-Alive is Awesome


Brands Brand News Cinthol-Alive is Awesome

Cinthol-Alive is Awesome

As the part of positioning of soap,Cinthol is just come up with new and fresh alive awesome bathing experience.its spot shows two men and a woman in exotic outdoor locations taking a soapy bath. Backed by a Hindi jingle with a signature phrase ‘It’s awesome’ coming in at the back of every line, characters of the trio are shown at a beach, waterfall, rural setting, atop an elephant, a cliff. ITs comes with beautiful locations,beautiful concepts.

Tvc shows using natural metaphors for freshness.The word they have taken “AWESOME” Is really frequently using words in young the awesome will help the cinthol to create a long memory in the mind of young.
Alive is Awesome as a positioning platform makes sense. I hope that in subsequent campaigns, the brand will take this concept to a higher level.


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