Linc Pens-Jindagi Judi Hai Linc Se

The pen is always with us on every good or bad moments.It is really a memorable things because when you are enjoying the signature days in your college then i  am sure that the day really called PEN DAY.Even the pen is comes into the category of best gifts.the best gift to your father or to your best friend is a pen .As we grow in age and stature our collection of pens also grows.The pen which is shows your personality.
all the memorable narration is well depicted in LINC’s new TVC.


Deepak Jalan, managing director, Linc Pen, said, “Roping in Shah Rukh Khan was part of a plan to attract the core target group of the sector – students and the common man. We are very proud to have Shah Rukh Khan as our brand ambassador.”
Deepak Jalan, Managing Director – Linc Pen said, “Pens are something which a person uses throughout one’s life. There is no age limit of using a pen.”

The execution of idea is really fantastic.The way they have present is really beautiful and like to take part in singing.
The TVC shows all the facts and role played in our life.
In the this industry,there are many big players.There company are using many big celebrities to give a way to buyers to buy products.
like:-Amitabh bachchan(Parker)
salman khan(Rotomac)
Sachin tendulkar(Reynolds)
Shahrukh khan(Linc pens)
The linc pens have mostly range of Five ruppes to rs thirty.for above range of the Rs. five thousand they have type with the German Brand Lamy .

Hope that the linc will also (customers se Jude)connect with customer like there Tvc.

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