Brands Brand News Hero Honda becomes Hero motocorp

Hero Honda becomes Hero motocorp


Brands Brand News Hero Honda becomes Hero motocorp

Hero Honda becomes Hero motocorp

The world’s largest two-wheeler maker is also set to unveil its new global brand identity in London on August 9. The new company name, Hero MotoCorp, is effective from Friday, the two-wheeler firm said in a statement.

“The change in name marks the begin

ning of a new era of innovations – be it in the field of technology and product development or customer satisfaction and expanding our footprint across global markets,” said Pawan Munjal, managing director and CEO, Hero MotoCorp.

Now that the shareholders have approved the name changes Hero Honda is looking forward to adopt the name as quickly as possible. Their approval will now be sent to the registrar for any final changes. Hero and Honda are one part of a great 27 year legacy. The joint venture was literally a benchmark for many of the companies. i
The Hero group is keen to focus on their export strategies as now they are under no obligation that can restrict them from exporting their products to countries where Honda is present. The group has set aside Rs.100 Crores for brand building and market positioning
it is very unfortunate that the venture between the two no longer exists.. 
now,we will have to see the experiment on new brand name,will benefit to the company or not.

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