Marketing Short Name is sweeter! Everywhere

Short Name is sweeter! Everywhere


Short Name is sweeter! Everywhere

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A Short Word has a Magical power.

Why?  Read following paragraphs.

If you choose a brand name after a lot of analysis, comparing. Etc. It will become popular then it will create a unique identity in the market, people relate their personality with such kinds of brand name like Ferrari, Puma, Nike pulsar etc…..
Many companies are choosing such names which are very big. Means it won’t remain a long time in the memory of customers.
So for an easily remember and long lasting in the minds of customers.
Now, Many companies are trying to short their brand name because consumers are bitterly able to retain the original essence of the brand.
India Infoline    To    IIFL
IIM                     To    Indian Institute of Management.
Many short named companies have created effectiveness. Even on the internet, the people are using the short language to chat. People have never used the face book word but they speak the “FB” word.
There are many good examples of short name brands:-
This strategy still used on the television “Kaun Banega Karorepati”   but it was popular with name of “KBC”. The Short brand has many pros like Bold, Easy to ask, Easy to Remember, Awesomeness, Catchy, Consumer friendly. It is also accepted more readily.
The Short Brand Name has many advantages.
-Consumers are at ease with it and pronounced well.
-It has more recall amongst the clutter of Competitive brands.
-See this is the Internet Age so If your brand name is short then your Url Name is short
Rather than
With almost the one-sixth of the world’s population, India is a large music and movie market nationally and internationally. 
India is also the largest producer of feature films in the world and has a vibrant film industry known as a Bollywood.
The MTV and B4U has well managed established itself in the mind and heart of there music and movie viewers in on extremely short span of time.


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