Brand News Brand update-Thums up

Brand update-Thums up


Brand update-Thums up

Brand News Brand update-Thums up

India is huge market for cold drink. There are many brands available in the Indian market. But this is the brand which is already mark as an iconic brands in the India. See the history of this brands and there success story with its competitors.
This brand is launched by the chauhan brothers ramesh and prakash in order to fill the gap that coco cola left when it exited Indiain 1977.Thums up introduce by all new bold flavour that why Indian customer took it. the cola war was on hotting up then unusual thing happen. The chauhan brothers sold thums up to the coke in 1993 for 120 crore.
It could withstand the competition from Pepsi and was a market leader. At that time the thums up had 36 percent market share v/s 26 percent pepsi’s share. At the industry source said that the company is going to kill the brand.
Thums Up was our very own Indian brand. Launched as a very masculine brand with the baseline “ Taste the Thunder” stole the heart of millions of Indian youth. Thums UP is a strong tasting cola targeting at young adults. It has the highest carbonation among the cola brands which appealed to the palate of Indians
Thums up even after 17 years sells more than coke and Pepsi. The brand is so strong that it has refused to die.
The famous tagline “Taste the Thunder “was changed to “I want my Thunder” But that change was a flop and the company retracted the old tagline. After that company has also changed base line to “ Grow Up to Thums up” .
We see that the coke is using all the macho personality like Akshay kumar,sunil sheety,and salman khan
Interesting if we see the TVC of the mountain dew the competitior brand of thums up with the brand ambessedor like Salman khan.Surprisingly the salaman khan was earlier shown in the thums up but now in Mopuntain Dew.This is the first time that mountain dew endorsed celebrity like salman.
 History proves that the pepsi vs. coco cola are the big warrior .They are always trying to do sut the sell of opposite brands.Pepsi and Coca Cola have been fighting on the foundation that they are similar products. But an additional facet of the Cola Wars is being fought between Mountain Dew and Thums Up – and this time the war is not based on product similarity. This one is based on the similar positioning that these two use – both are aligned with masculinity, coolness associated with masculinity and stunts, and are strongly action-oriented.
Mountain dew-                                                           Thums up
Stunt based promotion                                              Being more macho.
Using macho personalities.                                        Using macho personalities.
                                                                                       Like akshay kumar ,salman khan
Tagline like:-                                                                 Tagline like:-
Cheetah bhi pita hai?                                                     Taste the thunder.

Darr kea aage jeet he
The salman being brought in the compaign like mountain dew. Then net interesting things is how pepsico will distinguish its brand then thums up.even  the same theme is projected.

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