Brands Brand News Mobile projector-popcorn

Mobile projector-popcorn


Brands Brand News Mobile projector-popcorn

Mobile projector-popcorn

Spice is always try to spice up their customers with all the new launches.Spice Mobiles has always been known for innovation in the mobile phone category. It has already launch of 
1)India’s first dual sim phone and ViewD – 
2)India’s first 3D mobile phone. 
and now Their latest offering Popkorn is also unique in the industry.
The most unique feature of this phone is the in- built big-screen projector.
Really this is really unique technology which is lets you watch movies and documents on a large screen. you can also watch the some free air TV channels.
The funny thing about this phone is it’s name,they are trying to so there phone as a fun gadget.and want to do something more with this phone. name of this fun gadget will create easy to remember and matching with the work of that gadgets.The popcorn is the things which is usually used while watching the movie in ant theater.The Tvc which provides all the shots and relate there style to see the movie in popcorn phone.

 “ab sara sansar movie hai”.
 Film opens inside a living room of a middle class family where a young guy opens a box to reveal a stuffed goat. His parents are totally shocked. The guy projects something on the stuffed goat that came out of the box. Bhaisaab ye Goat hai….’Yeh goat nahin movie hai…’

The film ends with the phone on a tripod projecting the Popkorn packaging. it’s end by saying, 
“Pesh hai Popkorn, Spice ka naya Projector phone, Ab saara sansaar movie hai”

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