Micromax M2 – Kalki Koechlin

 Current situation of Mobile industry is very dynamic and creative.mobile company are trying to launch the new cool gadget and differentiate from others.
Now,Its turn ofMicromax has come back with new brand ambassador,new ad,new phone and new Music .Ya all the thingsin one phone for music lovers.Superb concept of advertisement .kalki is really cute and beautiful in advertisement. In the advertisement Kalki Koechlin who prenteds to be listening music and murmuring the song but infact telling her freind which seat to get.and he does it very nicely.
The new mobile with the brand ambassador like kalki koechlin will 100% convinced the customer to buy this product.the sound behind this adv, is really superb. 
This ad is already appreciated everywhere and Kalki delivers the best again !
As the sound of this advertisement is concern there is no word of his popularity.so you can download it very easily and set as your ringtone because you are D1, the one,D1………….

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