Harmony between Messages and other element of Advertising


All are the elements of advertising is important for making any advertisement of any products. Density or the Quantity is not important for making any advertisement. When working on the design of a project there are many things that must be balanced. 

There are the many needs and desires of the client, the limitations of time and budget, and the balance of the creative verse the message;There are many work are essential for making any project successful. One of them is most crucial of these is the harmony between the message and creative elements.

Messages are as important  as other elements of projects.Messages should be matching with the requirement of our campaign, so it will directly target as we want.A well-designed piece can draw someone’s eye to it, keep the viewer from wondering away and convey an emotion. 

While these are important, the aesthetic should never supersede what you are trying to communicate. A sales sign should look interesting, but no one should walk away thinking how nice the sign look but not know what the sale was for.

A good designer is able to clearly communicate to the audience while providing something visually interesting to look at. Balance is the key to make our project successful.

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