Going to Rebranding your company logo – things on it.

Now,I think that you are going to rebrand your company. Yes or no..

If answer is yes  then let’s go forward. Do you completely change your brand identity for something completely new, or do you do you update your logo with a little branding makeover? 

The answer to that is in the public perception and recognition of your brand. If there is a strong, positive connection between your company and your brand, then maybe a makeover is right for you. On the other hand, if there is no strong or positive connection between the two, or you are making dramatic changes to your company and/or its direction, then maybe a complete redesign is best.

For strong, positive brands, the makeover can be just the thing to update a logo that may look out-of-date or dose not correctly reflect the companies current direction or personality. A makeover can be as simple as using a new font or having the brand “modernized”. Plenty of companies update their brands to change with the times. 

Large brands like UPS and the hugely recognizable Nike have made changes to keep their brands current, while still keeping the essence of the logo.

If you find that your company is going threw large changes or the brand is not very connected to the company, then a complete rebrand maybe the answer. A redesign can give you the opportunity to say something new about our company. Like with the makeover, many companied have felt the need to rebrand themselves over the years. Some do to large company changes, others in an attempt to make themselves more appealing or exciting to the public. Here are just a few recent examples.

While Rebranding your company can seem like a daunting task, the benefits can far outweigh any obstacles you may face. Looking fresh, new and exciting or being able to show the new direction you company is going in can make all the difference in the world.

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