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Amul launch Prolife Probiotic Wellness ice cream
India’s First Probiotic Ice cream 

 AMUL is all set to storm the Ice cream market with a new range of probiotic ice cream aimed at the total health conscious. 
Amul has launched India’s first Probiotic Wellness Icecreams. 

really great thinking by Amul.Their ultimate aim is to target more consumer and expand their scope.

Probiotics are live beneficial culture which when administered in adequate amounts confer a beneficial health effect on the host. Probiotics help in digestion, fight allergic reactions and even helps in controlling traveler’s diarrhea. It also prevents colon cancer and is said to enhance brain activity. Amul will gain a huge first mover advantage by launching this product now. The Indian Wellness market ( including beauty ) is huge with a market size of around $ 9 billion. Icecreams are considered to be a junk unhealthy food . The wellness range is expected to change the way Indian consumers look at Icecreams. Now consumers can indulge in ice creams without worrying about the health. Icecreams were often a dream for Diabetic patients…but not any more…Along with the Probiotics, Amul is set to shake up the icecream market with the launch of India’s first Sugarfree icecreams.The icecreams contain digestible sugar substitutes which enable the diabetic patients to indulge. The company communication excerpts is given below:
“For diabetics, consuming ice-cream had remained a dream. Amul is all set to change that with the launch of India’s first specially created SUGAR FREE low fat diabetic delight. In Amul Sugarfree Probiotic diabetic delight Frozen Dessert, Sugar has been replaced with ZERO calorie and low calorie sweeteners. 
In diabetic condition it is advisable to consume less fat, less calorie to maintain proper metabolism. 

Amul SUGAR FREE probiotic diabetic delight contains 50% less fat and half of the calorie than normal ice cream. Further, it has been supplemented with pro-biotic cultures for health improvement.   
All these special range of ice creams/frozen desserts would be available in 125 ml, 500 ml and 1.25 litre packs in five flavours, vanilla with chocolate sauce, strawberry, chocolate, shahi anjir and fresh litchi. They would be available in the price range of Rs. 15 (125 ml.) to Rs. 120 (1.25 ltr.) “
  India has 37 million diabetic patients and around 400 million overweight. That is a huge market for healthy foods. With the media and doctors in an overdrive to educate Indians on the efficacy of healthy foods, the market is expected to grow multifold. With the launch of healthy ice creams, Amul is all set to ride the healthy foods wave.

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