Marketing Advertising--Game of child

Advertising–Game of child


Advertising–Game of child

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Many new companies are entering into the market of market. Multinational company are launching their products for child in India, because we know that it is bread and butter market. Indian people are very low convinced. Parents are feeling free to buy new companies product because earlier time for any products they gone to foreign but now they are relax to buy in India.
 Many companies are taking children as a part advertisement. If when children are convinced then they will 100% convince to their parents also.
By showing the children in advertisement, they try to show the simplicity in the products.
Many televisions channels are provides the platform to all the children related products.
They can directly target the children by children shows for increasing sales of products
Multi national companies are using mother and children at maximum way to create the image in the mind of children.If we want to sell the children product then we have to attract the children very well. Companies are trying to put models of their products as per the age of target person so that customer will relate their need with each other. For selection of any products children plays main role because they are supporter for decision makers for target the customer many malls reserve some special space for children. They put the many kinds of children’s products into the gallery.

Multi national companies have even big budget of advertisement with effect of that there products are more costly.Many companies are buying to show the child as a main role model in advertisement

which is not children’s products
  Have you ever question in the mind that why are they represent their product with the children?
first there end user is children
second is decision supporter.
third want to see the simplicity.
Today many children are proudly join in many advertisement also the child’s set their career in advertisement.
As per one survey, children are watching approx 40000 advertisement per year and even they sing the jingle even better.
We have also mark the bad effect of the peppermint, chocolate, and junk food. They always try to be habitual of this kind of products.
This is always true things that,’ Advertisement’s always create new needs.”

We have seen one show “ZOR KA ZATKA”which is really directly target to the children and their father.
Because the pepsodent want to target all the children and want increase their selling and image. So that he has been started the campaign,”PAPPU AND PAPPA”             Next to
Many toy’s company are entering with new technology. They target all the children with new and new products.
So lots of and lots of companies are trying to enter the market and get maximum business from it.because after all it is child of game .
Following are the some of related advertisement on child targeted.:-

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