Brands Brand News TVC-mahindra stallio amirkhan

TVC-mahindra stallio amirkhan


Brands Brand News TVC-mahindra stallio amirkhan

TVC-mahindra stallio amirkhan

every players in this segment are position their bikes with the speed,stunts,adventures etc..
such effect in the mind of customer will create a good awareness.
 but just mahindra stallio launched with new social approach.
here is an example of a new entrant defying market rules and still grabbing eyeballs.

The ad campaign of Mahindra’ s Stallio mocks its competitors’ show of stunts and aerial tricks and displays the old Indian values of care, patience and precaution.
Stallio has been positioned as a stylish bike that comes with the reliability of the Mahindra brand, and therefore, gives complete peace of mind. In the TV commercial, Aamir Khan attributes ‘jaan’, ‘shaan’ and ‘itminaan’, that is, peace of mind, to the bike.after the end of the advertisement the khan saheb tolds that you can imitate my stunts.

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