TVC- KURKURE Desi beats

JWT has created a TVC for the launch of PepsiCo’s snack brand Kurkure’s two new Desi Beats flavours. The commercial is pegged on its recently launched flavour ‘Saucy Mirchi’.

In the commercial, created by JWT Delhi, a young photographer in a boat in the middle of a lake spots a pretty girl in another boat, who’s eating the saucy mirchi flavour of Desi Beats. He rows over to her and they both flirtatiously say “Hi” to each other. The young man asks if he can join her, and the woman accepts, and proceeds to playfully splash a little water on him from the lake. The voiceover says, “First, saucy.” The young man reciprocates, but ends up throwing a huge amount of water at the woman, which thoroughly drenches her. In anger, the woman hits the photographer with an oar. The voiceover says, “Then, mirchi”, and proceeds to introduce the ‘Saucy Mirchi’ flavour of the snack.

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