Apple just launched the beautiful,rocking,stylish ipod.

Apple’s iPod Nano has had a radical face lift in this, its sixth iteration. Everything has changed, the new Nano has lost its scroll wheel, camera and video playback – pretty much a touchscreen iPod Shuffle, right down the the range of colours and built-in clip.

The new Nano is a postage stamp-sized screen and little else, which means holding and poking it makes you feel like a sausage-fingered giant. The Multi-Touch interface is slick and responsive, but the lack of space makes gestures uncomfortable. So it’s probably a blessing that the Nano isn’t a fully fledged iOS device, and won’t run third party apps.

Dimensions 37.5×40.9×8.78mm
MP3 Yes
Hard drive storage 8GB-15000rs.
Weight 21.1g
Screen size 1.54in
Screen resolution 240×240
Battery life audio only 24hrs