Windows 8: Windows 8 Will Be Released in Late 2012

Windows 8: The Windows operating system 8 for personal computers will be developed in about two years, reports the blog Corporation Microsoft. Thus, Microsoft plans to unveil a new software platform, tentatively in late 2012, that is, three years after the release of Windows 7.

In Windows, 8, as expected, will feature recognition of users in the face, interface support USB 3.0, connection Bluetooth 3.0, as well as wireless monitors and 3D-displays.

Previously also reported that the OS will be integrated means of access to the online marketplace of applications, and advanced power management tools will allow more efficient use of energy the batteries of laptop computers. In addition, Microsoft plans to reduce the download time platform as compared to previous versions of Windows.

Simultaneously, Microsoft announced that manufacturers will no longer be able to install Windows XP on new computers. However, PC buyers n / a Windows 7 may take the opportunity to downgrade to Windows XP.
According to statistics, the company Net Applications, market share of Windows XP is about 60%. Windows 7 takes 17% market share.

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