Brand News Vodafone's 3G USB internet stick

Vodafone’s 3G USB internet stick


Vodafone’s 3G USB internet stick

Vodafone to invest $500 Million for 3G

Vodafone Essar has been embroiled in a hefty tax case with the tax authorities in India. Resulting from Vodafone’s acquisition of Hutchison’s stake in the company pegged at around $11 Billion. The deal led to a show cause notice from the government claiming that Vodafone owes taxes of up to Rs 11, 218 crore INR ($2.5 Billion).

=An official from the I-T department said, “IT department issued an order raising a tax demand of Rs 11,217.95 crore on Vodafone International holdings BV treating it as an assessee in default for failure to deduct tax as required before making a payment of $11,076 million (about Rs 55,000 crore) to Hutchison Telecommunication International Ltd.”

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