Marketing Strategies Cycle Agarbatti Brand Analysis

Cycle Agarbatti Brand Analysis


Cycle Agarbatti Brand Analysis

Cycle Agarbatti Brand Analysis:

Cycle Agarbathies (incense sticks) is the case in which brand name doesn’t have any connection with the product, still it is market leader because of its advertising and marketing approach. Cycle and Agarbathies (incense sticks) are two different products satisfy two different needs. Both names are known to majority of Indians. At first it feels like, Cycle name doesn’t go with the incense sticks but it gives familiarity in unorganized market (especially in rural market), where local players are more.

Incense stick has its own place in religious rituals in India. It is used in religious ceremonies, ritual purification, aromatherapy, meditation, for creating a mood and masking bad odors but major usage comes from the religious rituals.  Here, message need to communicate the religious platform, brand elements and its connection to product.
Cycle Brand’s communication strategy is very interesting. Attempts to make connections between religion, brand name (Cycle) and the product were quite visible through communication.  They used radio, TV, print and OOH as media. Radio advertisements won lion at Cannes and Grandprix at Goafest.

After establishing strong connection between cycle and incense stick they have launched various festive ads even in regional languages. Cycle brand has changed its tagline regularly.  From “Bhagwan Aaye Cycle Se” it has changed to “Prathna ki Wajah Apni Apni”.  In recent communication piece they have changed it to “Bhagwan hai”.

“Bhagwan Aaye Cycle Se” has motive to make relation between brand elements and the product. “Prathna Ki Wajah Apni Apni” –communicates that we all have reason to pray.  This campaign give reasons to consumer to pray but as a human being we all have doubts on the existence of something which is non-physical and invisible. This communication piece doesn’t solve this problem. God is subject of faith/belief for majority of us. Especially when we ask something from God and if it is not given by him then we feel, why should we pray??

New TVC trying to convey that god is here and he takes care of all. Bhagwan (God) Exist, so answer will be given. “Bhagwan hai” is an interesting platform aiming at core to strengthen the faith/ belief of the consumers in almighty. TVC covers majority of TG and incident related to them.
TVC conveys the message effectively but take more time to explain. They could have done the same in short.


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