Toyota Innova-the Redefined MUV -Brand Analysis

Toyota innova brand analysis
Toyota Innova-the Perfect Family Car

Brand:– Toyota Innova
Company:– Toyota Kirloskar Motor
Tagline:-All you desire
Category:– Four Wheeler Multi premium vehicle

Each and every shape of body matters less and the technological inputs matter a lot and that why, Toyota cars speak much louder than its tire-screeching sound. As we Know,Toyota innova is a most desirable brand in Cars.Toyota Innova is drop under the segment of Luxurious and Expensive MUV .There are thousands of happy customers of this Car.

We can say this car the perfect”Family car“.

Toyota Innova – The Multi Premium Vehicle – the tagline itself is sufficient to speak about its features and technical facilities. It is a Multi premium vehicle. The car is huge in size, helpful in off-loading and on-loading wagons and passengers as well. It is, that’ why, called a multi premium vehicle, because it is being used for multi purposes.

The Innova sold in large numbers in India ,primarily serving the tourist taxi market and fleet operations of large technology business process outsourcing companies.In  a Tourist taxi Market ,it has made a unique stand.

India’s favourite and Of course India’s No:-1

“On 1st September 2004, Toyota launched the AN40 series Innova in Indonesia”

Toyota Innova is the entered in to market replaced the Successful Toyota Qualis. Company has decided to stop the Qualis when it’s selling was on Peak.

There are several reason of discontinuing the Popular Qualis.

  • We know that Toyota Qualis has major success among the Tour operator segment but having the less popular in individual and home Segment. 
  • Second the Many  Other Companies are Launched the more powerful and upmarket Cars,so it will later decreased the share of the Toyota’s Cars.

    Like Chevrolet lauched the “Tavera” which is also got a good buzz and sell from the Market.

Toyota has found the successful foot print into the Indian car market through Qualish.Company wants to launched many Others Products apart From Qualis. Due to having the Good share into this Segment ,Company wants to entered into the many Other Segment.Toyota wants to entered into the Individual and Home segment rather than a Commercial Segment.

All the above reason drive the toyota to launched the innova in India.Toyota launched the new and beautiful car innova in 2005 in india.Company had positioned it as a luxury MPV(Multi Purpose Vehicle).Company has gave the all latest Technology features,Comfort,and  a Fresh new Look.

Company also launched their First TVC by taking Aamir khan as a brand Ambassador.The ads was really catchy and used the Tagline “All you Desire”.Company had Maximum used the Credibility of Aamir’s to promote the Innova. Slowly slowly the Confidence regarding this Car is being uplifted and gain the huge share into this Segment. Innova meets all the requirement of the Family Concentrated peoples and Tour operator.

The  generation Innova has been facelifted Many Times.Every Times it got new and unique looks
Toyota has changed many ways into their Cars features. It Changed front bumper & grille design, rear lamps and bumpers, and redesigned the wheels .2-tone interior color (grey & beige) is now a standard. Center dashboard fascia is now have freshened design and add more features such as sat-nav, cameras, etc. Rear wipers is now a standard. ABS, four-spoke steering wheel, rear blower & dual SRS airbags is now a standard.

First ,Toyota entered  the Indian market with Toyota Qualis with Entry Segment.By getting the Huge response from the Indian Customers ,Company discontinue this highly popular model and launched innova with New features like New Technology ,Comfort ,looks etc.

Toyota Qualis-Toyota innova-Toyota Crysta

First generation Innova had set a benchmark for the category it has helped create. Now true to Toyota tradition, the brand is redrawing the benchmark with the launch of Crysta.

Recently,Company did the same.they Surprisingly Discontinue the innova and launched the Crysta.Toyota innova is Still high selling car in India.Innova which was launched in 2005 has so far sold more than 5.75 lakh units.But the Same Marketing Strategy ,Company repeated . Crysta may Launched in India By May -2016 with Price range Starting From 15 lack.

In terms of features, the Toyota Innova Crysta will get a redesigned dashboard, improved seat fabrics, AC vents for both rows, touchscreen infotainment system, keyless entry, steering mounted controls and LED headlamps. 




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