Aroma Hightech ltd.Brand Analysis

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India is agriculture based country, where about 63% of revenue is generated from agriculture sector. Whereas about 11.2 millions pumping sets are working in agriculture sector with a connected load of 11000pm.

In 1988,”Aroma” started their activities with M/s.Shree Kishan pumps sales& service, marketing and repairing workshop. This Workshop is still in operation.

In1997,M/S Nillkamal cables Pvt.Ltd., Palanpur was set up for manufacturing HR PVC insulated winding wires and flat submersible.

In 1998 M/s Duke Plasto Technique,Badarpura setup for all PVC pipes.

In 2000 M/s Prime Pressmatic was set up for manufacturing electrical steel Stamping.

In 2004 M/s.Boost Ferro Alloys Was set up to manufacturing of ferrous &non Ferrous castings.

Aroma Group is an established and reputed group in Palanpur, Gujarat. The group is engaged in the manufacture and sale of submersible pumps, motors and its allied equipments and products. The first concern of this group was started in the year 1988 with a center for sales and services and repairs of submersible pumps and motors. Looking to the prospective scope of line the company diversified into manufacturing by expanding activity of the group concerns. Moreover, in order to rehabilitate the earthquake ravaged Kutch district the Gujarat government and the central government announced various incentives to industrial units set up in Kutch district. With a view to take advantage of these benefits, the company put up the manufacturing unit with latest technology at Samakhiyali, Kutch. Company started commercial production in 2005 of all water solution products. With an installed capacity of 300000 pumps motors p.a. The plant of the company is considered as one of the Asia’s biggest submersible and domestic pump manufacturing automatic plant.

Currently company going on the track after some bad period of1 or 2years.Company has already started their marketing activity .Company going to tap some untapped areas of India. Like east India and south India. Company has a good position in Rajasthan, all north states, Gujarat etc. It also going to expand their market in this particular area. Company has also changed somewhat in their logo. Means colors, curve etc. Hope that this company will success in their mission to make their production smoothly.

 Changed logo:-

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